Apple restarts talks with OpenAI to add new artificial intelligence features to new products

Apple has restarted talks with OpenAI to explore using the startup\’s technology to power some new iPhone features due later this year, according to people familiar with the matter.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple has restarted negotiations with OpenAI to explore using the startup\’s technology to support some new features of the iPhone launched later this year.
People familiar with the matter said the two companies have begun discussing the terms of a possible agreement and how to integrate OpenAI functions into iOS 18, Apple\’s next-generation iPhone operating system.
The people familiar with the matter spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussions are private.
The move marks a renewed dialogue between the two companies.
Apple discussed a deal with OpenAI earlier this year, but cooperation between the two parties has been minimal since then.
Apple is also in a deal with Alphabet Inc. Google, owned by Google, discusses licensing issues for the company\’s Gemini chatbot.
Apple has not yet made a final decision on which partner to use. There is no guarantee that a deal will be reached.
It\’s possible the company ends up striking deals with both OpenAI and Google. Or choosing another provider entirely.
Representatives for Apple, OpenAI and Google declined to comment.
Relying on partners will help Apple accelerate its entry into the chatbot field and avoid some risks.
By outsourcing generative AI capabilities to another company, Cook may be able to reduce the burden on his platform.

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