Another big signal appears! The latest exposure of Linyuan’s buying stocks…

Source: Original Market Number of Securities Market Weekly Today\’s market conditions of this publication continue yesterday\’s steady counterattack style. However, the sector gain list has been replaced by a wave of \”new faces\”. However, today\’s capital flow is not without direction, and It focuses on blue-chip stocks during the intensive performance disclosure window period… Linyuan Investment, a well-known investment institution that has not been seen for a long time, also has new layout dynamics, and the underlying stock is also a blue-chip stock.

li Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, home furnishings, etc. lead the gains. Performance factors \”thread the needle\” Entering the overlapping and intensive disclosure window period of last year\’s annual report and this year\’s first quarter report, funds\’ attention to performance is entering a \”white-hot\” state.

Some \”flaws\” of listed companies may be magnified by the market and vote with their feet.

In contrast, the alpha of some blue-chip stocks may be driven up.

On the surface, there is no obvious pattern in today\’s market, such as chemicals, medicine, real estate, household products, building materials, automobiles, etc., there are both resource stocks and consumer stocks… But it is not difficult to develop after further observation. There are all factors behind them. The same motivating factor is superior performance.

The chemical industry is a typical cyclical industry. It is currently in the destocking stage, with profits and valuations at relatively low levels. Once a performance turning point occurs, it will be easier to drive up the stock price.

At present, many chemical stocks have achieved good performance.

Judging from the first quarter reports, more than 120 chemical stocks have released their first quarter reports, more than 70 have achieved growth, accounting for nearly 60%, and more than 20 have exceeded 100%.

The high elasticity of chemical stocks\’ performance is related to multiple factors such as the low base in the same period last year and the increase in sales driven by market recovery.

Let’s use a chemical stock as an example.

Ruhuiyun Titanium Industry closed the \”20cm\” daily limit today. According to its 2023 annual report, it achieved a net profit of 41.038 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 189.59%.

Observing the leading stocks in other industries, there is also the factor of performance growth at work behind them.

For example, Kanghong Pharmaceutical in the pharmaceutical sector, the company\’s stock price closed at the \”10cm\” daily limit today. According to its first quarter report disclosed on April 24, it achieved a net profit of 374 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, a year-on-year increase of 33.72%.

On the real estate side, Nanguo Real Estate made a profit of 262 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, achieving a year-on-year turnaround.

The company\’s stock price also hit the \”10cm\” daily limit today… Because it is currently the overlapping disclosure window period of the annual report and the first quarter report, the \”double-excellent\” targets in the two reporting periods may have greater upward momentum, that is, they are likely to Produces the effect of \”1+1>2\”.

Regarding the \”double excellence\” target, another company is used as an example. According to the 2023 annual report and the first quarter report of 2024 released by Qifeng New Materials, the profit growth has exceeded 20 times. The company\’s main business involves household products, etc.

Since February 6, the company\’s stock price has begun a steady rebound, rising by more than 70% so far.

In addition to Qifeng New Materials, there are many stocks that meet the \”double excellence\” characteristics. The following is selected based on the condition that the performance of the 2023 annual report and the first quarter report of 2024 have increased by more than 100%, and the ST targets are eliminated for your reference.

Among them, some targets are similar to Qifeng New Materials, going out of \”steady happiness\” and reaching new stage highs, while others have closed their daily limits.

New and old friends can scan the QR code below (attached table) [for free] to obtain complete information.

li  Linyuan Investment Appears During the period of sideways market fluctuations, Linyuan Investment Appears to “buy, buy, buy”.

This subject belongs to household products, one of the strong sectors in the market today, and has \”double excellence\” attributes.

Judging from historical positions, Linyuan Investment has not publicly held many positions. Typical targets involve traditional Chinese medicine stocks, food and beverage stocks, and new energy vehicles.

Recently, Linyuan Investment, which had not been seen for a long time, suddenly appeared, and the target industries involved this time were different from before.

The company\’s track is in the household products industry in light manufacturing.

According to **** (the specific list can be obtained from the staff who contacted you), the shareholder positions in the first quarter of this year disclosed on April 25 showed that Linyuan Investment has become the company’s fourth largest tradable share with a position of more than 300,000 shares. shareholders (see attached picture).

Specifically, the company\’s main business involves ceramic products, etc., and its annual report last year and the first quarter report of this year both achieved performance growth.

The company\’s stock price and valuation are currently at a relatively low level. Recently, there has been a certain rise against the market trend, such as a cumulative increase of 24% from April 17 to April 24.

With the successive disclosure of financial reports of listed companies, Linyuan Investment has also appeared in many companies, but not in the form of major shareholders, but in the form of convertible bonds.

Convertible bonds have dual characteristics of debt and equity.

There is a strong linkage between its own value and its stock price.

The purchase of convertible bonds also means bullish expectations for the future stock price of listed companies.

Based on the 2023 annual report, the relevant targets involved in Linyuan Investment’s convertible bonds include China Grand Automobile, Paulette, Huati Technology, Zhengyu Industrial, Zongheng Communications and other companies.

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