515 Investor Protection | Credit-based elective courses? Simulated investment challenge? GF Fund’s “Integration of Industry and Education” Investor Education Project Creates Characteristic Investment and Education Business Card

Special Topic: Sina Finance’s 2024 Investment Education Case Selection is in Progress Sina Finance’s “2024 Investment Education Excellent Case Selection” activity was officially launched on April 8.

GF Fund’s “Integration of Industry and Education” investor education project was selected for the “Excellent Practice Award for Investment and Education Projects” category.

>>Event details It is reported that GF Fund established an investor education base in October 2021, focusing on investor education, focusing on improving investors’ knowledge reserves and cognitive levels, and building a reputation for investment education services.

In recent years, offline investment education activities in the public fund industry have mostly been lecture-based, with obvious characteristics of fragmentation and homogeneity.

After in-depth research, there are many points of convergence between the development needs of \”industry-education integration\” in colleges and universities and the \”one company, one province, one university\” investment and education activities of GF Fund. This can be used to build the \”industry-education integration\” project of GF Fund, which can enter universities to carry out long-term in-depth investment. cooperate.

This project breaks the limitations of fragmented investment education, systematically outputs investment education content, and improves the effectiveness of investment education work; enriches school-enterprise cooperation resources, enhances the trust and stickiness of cooperation between both parties, and broadens the scope of investment education cooperation; creates a unique investment education business card, and effectively Enhance the brand image and social influence of GF Fund Investment Education.

It is understood that the project has the following innovations: First, the credit-based elective course \”Development and Innovation of Public Funds\” was launched for the first time at Sun Yat-sen University and South China University of Technology.

The courses highlight the combination of theory and practice, and the content is close to the actual practice of the fund. Among them, Sun Yat-sen University offers 5 courses with 5 lecturers; South China University of Technology offers 8 courses with 8 lecturers.

While the investment education team visited universities, they also invited teachers and students from universities to visit GF Fund, gain an in-depth understanding of the management and operations of fund companies, and discuss the development of the financial industry.

A total of 150 places are open for elective courses, and registration is actually full.

>> Empowering universities to cultivate talents and jointly create high-quality development, GF Fund-South China University of Technology school-enterprise cooperation elective courses are offered again (video attached). The second is to extend investment education services to Chengdu, Shanghai and other places for the first time, effectively expanding investment Teaching territory.

On the basis of deepening cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University and South China University of Technology, we first went to Tongji University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Chengdu College, Guangdong Ocean University, etc. to cooperate in investment education activities; we focused on financial inclusion and brought investor education into Guangdong Women’s Professional Technical colleges, Qingyuan Vocational and Technical College and other vocational colleges to comprehensively improve national financial literacy. The third is the newly upgraded \”Hongdou Cup\” simulated investment challenge platform with digital intelligence.

Integrated the investment education and development resources of GF Fund, formed a special team of 8 people, and upgraded the competition platform digitally and intelligently.

During the project period, the \”Hongdou Cup\” competition covered a total of 23 colleges and universities, with more than 1,000 students participating.

The fourth is innovative activity forms. It is the first in the industry to use the \”Fortune Stream\” sandbox game to carry out investment education activities in colleges and universities.

In addition, various novel investment education activities such as special competitions, creative markets, campus flash mobs, and cultural and sports variety shows have been held to promote the integration of investor education into the social practice of college students.

Judging from the results, GF Fund’s “industry-education integration” investor education project has touched more than 30 platforms, covering a total of more than 100,000 people, and has received recognition from regulators, schools and other parties.

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