Tesla surges more than 5% before market opening

Gelonghui April 29 | Tesla (TSLA.US) rose more than 5% to US$177.48 before the market opened.

Gelonghui April 29 | Tesla (TSLA.US) rose more than 5% to US$177.48 before the market opened.
On April 28, the Premier of the State Council met with Musk, CEO of Tesla, an American electric vehicle manufacturer. He said that Tesla’s development in China can be regarded as a successful example of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation.
Musk expressed his willingness to deepen cooperation with China and achieve more win-win results.
The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the National Computer Network Emergency Technology Coordination Center announced yesterday afternoon that the cars produced by Tesla\’s Shanghai Gigafactory have passed all four national automotive data security requirements. It involves anonymizing facial information outside the car and not collecting the cockpit information by default. Data, cockpit data in-car processing, and significant notification of processing of personal information, etc. It is the only foreign-funded enterprise that complies with the regulations.
Analysis points out that Tesla’s adoption of relevant standards and requirements will help to fully lift restrictions on the movement and parking of Tesla smart cars by government agencies at airports and highways. And various places have also gradually lifted restrictions.
Regarding Musk’s visit to Beijing, some media said that Musk was seeking to meet with Chinese officials in Beijing to discuss the launch of fully autonomous driving (FSD) software in China and to seek approval.
In addition, Bloomberg recently stated that Tesla will clear key obstacles to launching advanced assisted driving functions in China through cooperation with Baidu on map and navigation functions.

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