Dan Bin \”stepped on thunder\” Nvidia? 40% of Oriental Harbor\’s products have retraced more than 10% in one week Qinglang · Announcement on special rectification of financial violations and reporting of false and untrue information involving enterprises

In the special rectification, Global Tiger Finance will focus on cracking down on 8 types of violations:

In order to build a healthy network ecology, ensure a good usage environment, and implement the requirements of the Qinglang series of special rectification deployment meetings, from now on, Global Tiger Finance will carry out special rectification actions on commercial website platforms and \”self-media\” illegal editing and publishing of financial information.
In the special rectification, Global Tiger Finance will focus on cracking down on eight types of violations: First, nonsense comments, distorted interpretations of China’s financial policies and macroeconomic data, malicious short-selling of China’s financial market, bad-mouthing of China’s economy, etc. Reposting and carrying overseas reports and comments that distort and interpret hot topics in China’s financial field without any position or judgment; third, spreading “rumours” in the name of so-called “revelations”, “bombshells”, “exclusive revelations” and “according to insiders” Exaggerate and hype, or even spread rumors; fourth, malicious tampering, quotation out of context, one-sided misinterpretation and other \”clickbait\” behaviors when reprinting financial news information from compliant sources; fifth, acting as a financial \”black mouth\”, maliciously short-selling or driving up individual stock prices , hyping up fluctuations in the regional property market and disrupting the normal market order; Sixth, hyping up negative information to threaten, intimidate and extort relevant stakeholders, and seeking illegal benefits; Seventh, hyping up malignant social events and negative extreme events, inciting sadness, anxiety, panic and other emotions , to promote the so-called \”finance and business courses\”, various insurance products, etc.; eighth, the identity authentication procedures were not strictly followed, and financial columns, accounts, etc. were opened under the names of staff of the financial authorities or experts and scholars.
Global Tiger Finance has set up a special reporting portal in a prominent position on its website and APP to accept supervision from all users.
Any individual or organization has the right to report to us any behavior that endangers network security. The reporting methods are as follows: 1. The reporting hotline on working days is 021-80316506, answering hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-11:30, 13:00-18 :302. Special reporting email: tousu@laohucaijing.com Creating a good online public opinion environment requires the joint participation of all social entities.
Global Tiger Finance will further improve its management mechanism, continue to improve its management capabilities, and serve users with high-quality content.
At the same time, the effectiveness of platform governance will be further enhanced through user reporting, technical review, manual inspection, etc.
Netizens are welcome to supervise and provide more clues to help us discover violations.
Jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and entrepreneurial networks.
In order to standardize the acceptance and handling of reports of corporate-related false and untrue information, and better protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs on the Internet, Global Tiger Finance has launched a \”Corporate-related False and Untrue Information Reporting Area\”, welcoming all netizens and corporate Provide reporting clues.
The scope of acceptance is as follows: (1) Counterfeit information that confuses the identity of the enterprise; (2) Misleading information that affects the fair judgment of the public; (3) Rumor information that does not conform to the objective reality of the enterprise; (4) Derogatory information that defames the enterprise or entrepreneur Insulting information; (5) leaky information that infringes on the personal privacy of entrepreneurs; (6) other information that maliciously interferes with the normal operation and development of enterprises.
The conditions for acceptance are as follows: (1) Submit a written report that can fully state the matter to be reported and explain the reasons for the report; (2) Submit the enterprise business license, organization code certificate or entrepreneur identity certificate and other rights subject qualification certification materials; if the report is entrusted, It is necessary to provide the identity certificate and authorization letter of the reporting agent; (3) Submit the name and contact information of the reporting person; (4) Submit the specific network address requesting necessary measures or relevant information sufficient to accurately locate the infringing content; (5) Submit the ability to Preliminary evidence materials proving the infringement of the reported content; (6) Submit a written guarantee stating the authenticity and legality of the report.
The reporting method is as follows: 1. The reporting hotline on working days is 021-80316506, answering time: Monday to Friday 9:30-11:30, 13:00-18:00; 2. The reporting email tousu@laohucaijing.com The reporting handling process is as follows : 1. After receiving the report phone number or email, based on the content of the report and relevant materials provided by the reporter, comprehensively consider factors such as the severity, frequency, impact of public opinion, and degree of social harm of the enterprise-related online infringement information, and balance leniency with severity. In accordance with the principles of standards, we will classify, standardize and accurately handle reports of corporate network information infringement.
2. The reported information will be fed back to superiors or relevant departments as soon as possible and verified in a timely manner. If the facts are clear and the evidence is sufficient, we will delete, block, and block the false and untrue information about the enterprise. Disposal measures such as opening links shall be adopted for illegal accounts, such as warning education, suspension of updates, restrictions on publishing, time-limited bans or permanent bans until closure.
3. If the reported subject raises objections to the disposal measures, the website platform shall require the reported subject to provide relevant proof of non-infringement, and make a comprehensive judgment based on the evidence provided by both parties and handle the matter as appropriate.
4. Feed back the results to the whistleblower after handling.
5. The platform will refuse to handle malicious reports such as reports of forged certificates and fake reports.
In order to jointly create a good online public opinion environment, we need the active participation of all sectors of society.
Global Tiger Finance will actively follow the requirements of the reporting standards for false and untrue information related to enterprises, carefully accept and properly handle all reports. We will further strengthen the effectiveness of platform governance through user reports, technical reviews, manual inspections and other methods to ensure that Our platform becomes an honest, transparent and safe information exchange space.

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