It is reported online that another product of Moutai has been discontinued.

National Liquor Time and Space News: Recently, some market participants said that Huamao Jianzang, a subsidiary of Moutai, has ceased production.

It is reported that Huamao·Jianzang is produced by Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. and is the master of Huamao series products. It has the attributes of scarcity, storytelling, uniqueness, inheritance, altar decoration and collection.

According to the Huamao Liquor official account, Huamao·Jianzang is carefully prepared by senior bartenders who select high-quality vintage alcohol. It is packaged in 3L collection-grade jars. The output is extremely scarce and it is a veritable masterpiece.

Huamao·Jianzang is the first to create 3L large altar vessels. Products in this specification account for a relatively small proportion of the Moutai family. In addition, due to the large capacity and good esterification effect and small circulation, they have high collection value and room for appreciation. , Huamao·Jianzang has attracted the collection of high-end people.

The market source revealed that Huamao Jianzang currently only has products for 2022/2023.

In this regard, the market person said that the suspension of production of Huamao Jianzang means that there is room for appreciation, because in recent years, as long as the products of Moutai Co., Ltd. are discontinued, the price will basically only rise but not fall. It is worth mentioning that Huamao Liquor Co., Ltd. The annual price increase of Mao·Jianzang is 10%-15%.

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